[Weekly Workout] 30-Minute Full-Body Awakening Advanced Yoga Flow

Warm up, open up, and tone up with this 30-minute full-body advanced yoga flow…

This fast-paced advanced yoga class will get you moving, increase your heart rate, build strength, and increase flexibility throughout your entire body!

You’ll find plenty of heart, shoulder, and hip openers, lots of upper body strength-building poses, and opportunities for inversions. This is a fast-moving class, so do feel free to pause the video or repeat sections to work on transitions as needed. You may want to warm up with a few Sun Salutations and/or some gentle stretches before you begin. Students who are less advanced may wish to modify or skip some of the poses, depending on your comfort and ability level.

All you need is a yoga mat for this one, so get ready, warm up, and let’s flow!


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