5 Yoga Fusion Workouts to Shake Up Your Routine

If you’re looking to shake up your yoga routine and try something new, why not try a yoga fusion workout? Here are 5 interesting options to try for yourself…

While the many modern and traditional forms of yoga are all wonderful and unique in their own way, the intense popularity of yoga in recent years has led to the creation of many different types of yoga fusion workouts that combine yoga postures with various other types of exercise for a fun and functional workout. These classes often combine yoga with different aspects of fitness such as strength, balance, core, or endurance to challenge your mind and body.

If you’re looking for more cardio, for example, you may want to try something like this Yoga-Plyometrics class. Or, for a focus on core strength, you might like a Pilates-Yoga fusion class like this one.

Here are 5 fun yoga fusion workouts – try one of these next time you’re looking for something a little different from your regular yoga routine!

1.) Pilates-Yoga Fusion

The most popular fusion with yoga is Pilates. These classes can go by many names, including Yogalates or Yogilates, or even the BeachBody variation: PiYo.

In these classes, you’ll practice isometric holds and tiny pulses in traditional yoga poses such as plank or bridge pose. Isometric holds are the flexing and holding of muscles without the lengthening or shortening. A great example of this is plank pose. You are holding your body in place without any movement. You’re stagnant. That’s an isometric hold. Try it!

This combination of yoga and Pilates increases flexibility and muscle strength. It focuses mainly on core strength. The instructors even have more creativity to create a unique, non-traditional experience for the students.

While yoga is traditionally mat-based, you can also add a Pilates reformer. This will create a flexible body, stronger core, and overall well-being.

These two practices create a great combo that combine specific postures with correct breathing and meditation.

2.) Plyometrics-Yoga Fusion

ZenCore combines yoga and functional plyometric strength exercises to improve your strength, balance, and flexibility.

It was created by Maryanne Blake, the creative director at Reebok Sports Club in New York City. She says this class, “targets the specific body parts with sequences that begin with a yoga pose (to prep the body), then transition into dynamic moves (to raise your heart rate and strengthen muscles), and then flow into a restorative pose (to stretch your body).” The class ends with a meditation to leave you feeling strong and calm.

The workout speeds up the pace of moving through yoga poses while adding strength movements and cardio drills targeting your core, lower back, and glutes. An example of a dynamic strength-building exercise is hopping your feet back and forth between your hands from a plank pose.

Maryanne developed this class for “type A’s who’d never be caught in a yoga class”.

3.) Yoga-Spin Fusion

Like Pilates, the combination of spinning and yoga can go by a few names, ranging from Spin Yoga to Cy-Yo. The purpose is to bring your overall well being into focus so you can “reach maximum physical and spiritual outcomes”.

These classes are typically one hour long: 10 minutes of yoga to warm up, 40 minutes of indoor cycling, and finishing 10 minutes of cool down.

This setup lets you burn up to 300 – 600 calories per class AND get a deep stretch while focusing your mind, body, and spirit. It can also be an introduction for people unfamiliar with yoga.

This fusion is well-rounded. It takes the stressed muscles you use for cycling and stretches them at the beginning and the end of class.

4.) Barre-Yoga Fusion

Barre fusion was developed by ballerina Lotte Berk and her orthopedist to create the “ultimate body transformation”. This workout is a blend of ballet, yoga, cardio, and Pilates to “tighten up what is loose and melt away any unwanted pounds within a matter of ten classes”.

The classes are 55 minutes long focusing on your hips, seat, thighs, abs, and arms. All the while, creating the mental benefits of yoga and meditation.

Using isometric movements, this low-impact class shapes long lean muscles while firming and tightening. It also clears your head and mind.

The Vinyasa sequence in particular is designed to decompress and tone your entire body.

5.) Ballet-Yoga Fusion

The last combination on this list is the fusion of yoga and ballet. The most popular brand of this particular combination is Yoga Booty Ballet (YBB).

The YBB program was created by Gillian Marloth, a fitness instructor and former competitive ice skater and Teigh McDonough, a professional dancer and personal trainer. They say this program combines yoga with dance routines to help participants lose weight, build muscle and self-confidence.

These classes can be found on Beachbody. They describe this particular union by claiming “you’ll see a dramatic difference in your body with this mix of cardio, yoga, and sculpting. The ABC training technique works your abs, lifts your booty and melts away fat.”

Find more yoga fusion workout ideas at YogaPractice.com

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