6 Yoga Poses for a Beach-Ready Body

Tone up for summer with these 6 yoga moves for a beach-ready body…

Hoping to head to the beach this summer? These strength-building yoga poses will help you tone up your entire body and get ready for swimsuit season. Build your beach-ready body with specific poses that target your abs, hips, legs, and more, so you’ll be ready to slip into your favorite bikini in no time!

One of the best things about yoga is that it is a holistic form of exercise. Each pose works multiple muscle groups throughout your body, and you’ll also improve your posture, gain flexibility, relieve stress, and more!

Do these poses often to get your body ready for the beach – or just improve your overall health and fitness:

Yoga Poses for the Abs

Tree Pose: This pose tones your midsection and legs, improves your posture, and increases flexibility in the hips and legs.

Warrior Lunge Twist: (Warrior 1 variation) Hitting your abs and your obliques, this is a great move that modifies the common Warrior I Pose. Keeping your hands in Prayer Pose, you will lunge down and twist to one side holding the position. Alternate legs as you continue to twist from side to side.

Yoga Poses for the Legs

Locust: This pose strengthens and tones the entire back of your body, from your back to your booty, thighs, and more.

Goddess Pose: This is an amazing pose for your lower body which stretches your hips, ankles, and thighs while strengthening and toning your legs and glutes.

Yoga Poses for the Arms & Shoulders

Crow Pose: This is a challenging pose with great rewards! Crow Pose increases shoulder, arm, and wrist strength and tones your entire upper body and core.

Plank Pose: This pose strengthens and tightens your entire core and shapes and tones your arms, shoulders, and more. It’s simple, but don’t underestimate the challenge of this beginner-level pose!


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