[Weekly Workout] 1-Hour Yin Yoga with A Bolster

Yin yoga with bolster

Rest, relax, and restore with this supportive 1-hour Yin yoga practice…

As we mentioned in our previous post, bolsters are most often used in restorative and Yin yoga classes, although they can be used in many other yoga classes as well.

This one-hour Yin yoga class shares a number of different ways to use a bolster to help you relax and stretch. While Yin yoga can also be practiced without a bolster, providing your body with some extra support can be very helpful for the long, slow holds common in Yin practice. Yin focuses on holding each stretch for long periods of time, allowing deep muscles to release their tension, while safely lengthening muscles and connective tissues for improved flexibility. Having the support of a bolster or cushion can allow your body to fully relax and release, while remaining safe and supported.

This class offers a restorative and nurturing experience for both new and experienced yogis. For this class, you will need yoga mat and a bolster, but if you do not have a yoga bolster, you can also substitute 1-2 firm and supportive cushions. You may also wish to have a couple of yoga blocks handy.

Then just press play below, and get ready to relax and release!


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