[Weekly Workout] 10-Minute Full Body Yoga Stretch Class

Feeling stiff and tense but don’t have much time to relax? Stretch and release your entire body with this quick beginner-friendly yoga stretch class…

Yoga is wonderful just about anytime, but there is never a better time to do yoga than when you’re feeling stiff, tight, and achy from spending too much time sitting in the car or at a desk. You know the feeling – when your body is just crying out for some good yoga stretches! This quick 10-minute yoga stretch class will help to alleviate stress and tension, release tight muscles, and relax your entire body.

This is a great one to do while you’re traveling and need a good stretch break, and it is also good to do in the morning to help relieve any aches, pains, or stiffness that you may wake up with. Or just do it anytime that you are short on time and need a great full-body stretch!

Now grab your mat and get ready to stretch it out!


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