[Weekly Workout] 20-Minute Fat-Burning Yoga Challenge – Part 4

Strengthen and tone your thighs, butt, core, and more with this 20-minute complete yoga challenge workout!

For today’s workout, we are finishing up the 20-minute fat-burning yoga challenge with one final session – if you’ve missed parts 1, 2, and 3, be sure to check them out in our workouts section!

This complete 20-minute workout includes a warmup and cool-down, so you can get your entire workout done and get on with your day in just a few minutes.

These 20-minute quick and effective yoga workouts are perfect for beginners or intermediate yogis who want to experience the toning and fat-burning powers of yoga – or, for anyone who is simply super-busy and doesn’t have time to spend an hour in yoga class every day.

In this session, these lovely ladies will be targeting the lower body in particular to help you create a longer, leaner lower half, strengthen your thighs and glutes, and boost that booty! Grab a yoga mat, and let’s challenge ourselves!

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