[Weekly Workout] 45-Minute Morning Kundalini Yoga Practice

Wake up your body and mind with this meditative and energetic Kundalini yoga practice session!

I’m so excited to share this workout with you today, as Kundalini yoga is my absolute favorite type of yoga! In fact, I’m kind of obsessed with it… 🙂

Kundalini yoga is a unique form of yoga with a focus on meditative practices such as chanting and structured breathing techniques during the workout. Kundalini is often fast-paced, with vigorous and intense movements and fast repetitions. This makes Kundalini an excellent form of yoga for those looking to lose weight at the same time as experiencing a more spiritual aspect in your yoga practice.

This 45-minute Kundalini yoga and meditation class is for all levels, so even if you are new to Kundalini yoga, you can still participate. You will start off with a meditation exercise, and will also learn some of the important breathing techniques such as “Breath of Fire,” as well as other common Kundalini exercises.

This class is great to do in the morning to give you energy throughout your day, but you can do it anytime you would like to feel more energy and radiance.

If you’ve never tried kundalini yoga before, it can seem a little weird at first, but give it a try a few times, and I think you’ll come to love it like I do!  Here are some of my favorite kundalini workouts, if you want to check them out…

Love it? Not a fan? Take the Yoga Quiz and find out your yoga match!

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