[Weekly Workout] Beginner-To-Intermediate Transition Yoga Class

Ready to stretch beyond beginner? Here’s a great transition yoga class to help you advance your practice…

Do you sometimes feel like you’re stuck at the beginner level in your yoga practice? Some of those intermediate poses can be tricky, so how do you know when you’re ready to move up?

This 30-minute beginner-to-intermediate transition yoga class can help you evolve your practice to the next level. This handy video shows you how to modify poses and transitions to suit either beginner or intermediate level yogis. This is wonderful information to have, as you will then be able to do just about any online yoga class at home – and you will know how modify each pose to suit your individual ability!

If you’re feeling like you’ll never move beyond the beginner modifications, just practice this sequence regularly and you’ll soon find yourself naturally moving into some of the more intermediate poses.


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