[Weekly Workout] Functional Yoga for Balance & Control

Improve your balance and coordination with this 15-minute functional yoga session…

Yoga is known for its stress-relieving and mood-boosting benefits, but it also has numerous other benefits for your physical health – particularly in a functional capacity. Unlike say, lifting weights at the gym, yoga stretches and strengthens all of your muscles and sinews, exercises and lubricates your joints and fascia, and improves balance. This makes yoga a particularly useful form of exercise for those who want to improve or maintain strength and function.

For this month’s weekly workouts, we’re focusing on functional yoga. These workouts will be very beneficial for those who are looking to restore lost function after an accident or illness, as well as those who want to maintain their functional strength and agility as they age.

This week’s yoga workout focuses particularly on increasing body awareness, improving balance and proprioceptive ability, and helping to increase neuromuscular coordination and control. Balance is especially important for preventing falls and injury as we age, but it can also help to improve posture and core strength for proper musculoskeletal function at any age.

Check it out below, and stay tuned next week, when we’ll be sharing a workout to help improve functional strength!


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