[Weekly Workout] Kundalini Yoga for Beginners

Get a taste of the profound benefits of Kundalini yoga with this seated beginner Kundalini class…

This month we’re focusing on my personal favorite form of yoga – Kundalini!  Kundalini yoga is sometimes called “the Yoga of Awareness,” because of its focus on mental and spiritual components in conjunction with the physical exercises. It is also sometimes known as “noisy yoga” because of the intense breathing exercises – such as the famous “Breath of Fire” – that are often practiced during a Kundalini session!

The beginner Kundalini yoga class shown below focuses on seated poses that will work the core and upper body as you move through specific, repetitive motions, along with some chanted phrases designed to elevate your conscious awareness. While there are many other poses and practices in the Kundalini style, this will give you a little taste of what Kundalini is all about.

Keep an open mind – this type of yoga is unlike most others, but it can provide some profound benefits that are unique to this style, and I hope you find yourself loving it as much as I do!

This class is suitable for anyone, even those who have never tried Kundalini yoga before, and those with limited mobility may find it more accessible than many Hatha or Vinyasa classes.

All you need is a mat and about 30 minutes to yourself, so let’s get started!

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