[Weekly Workout] Prenatal Yoga for Beginners – All Trimesters

Moms-to-be can relieve stress, tension, and pregnancy-related aches and pains with this gentle 20-minute prenatal yoga class.

Yoga can be a wonderful form of exercise when you’re pregnant. There are many gentle prenatal yoga workouts available for when you don’t have the energy for a more strenuous workout, and yoga can also provide relief for the stress and tension that pregnancy can cause throughout your body.

For example, this 20-minute prenatal yoga class will help to stretch away back pain and tension, release stress, and may even help relieve other symptoms such as headache or morning sickness.

This gentle yoga flow is perfect for all experience levels, and is suitable for all stages of pregnancy. However, as with any exercise while pregnant, be sure to pay attention to your body’s cues, and skip or modify any pose that doesn’t feel comfortable or safe to you.



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