[Weekly Workout] Trap Vinyasa 101

Explore and enjoy your body’s strength & flexibility with this body-positive Trap Vinyasa flow!

Y’all ready for something new today? Check out Trap Vinyasa – created by one of our favorite yogis, Abiola Akanni. Akanni created this unique yoga style to focus on sensuality and body positivity. This amazing practice is just a segment of her overall program, but I think you’ll love it as much as we did!

This 30-minute high-energy practice includes sensual and dynamic yoga moves, cardio dance, and shadow boxing for a fast, fun, and releasing flow that will stretch, strengthen, energize, get you in tune with your body and help you LOVE the body you have – something we often don’t do enough of, especially during the holidays, when we’re more likely to beat ourselves up over having that extra cocktail or piece of pie…

All you’ll need is a yoga mat, and you can feel free to turn down the volume and play your own hip-hop music to move to if you like.

(Note: We sometimes skip the intro for you, but we left it in this time, as we wanted you to understand where this type of yoga comes from, and what she’s trying to accomplish. For repeat watches, feel free to skip ahead to 4:30 when the class starts.)

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