[Weekly Workout] Yoga Progression – Week 4: Full-Body 60-Minute Yoga Practice

This full-length 60-minute yoga practice will strengthen your entire body, stretch tight muscles, and leave you feeling calm and refreshed!

Welcome back! We are ending this month’s yoga progression series with a full-length 60-minute yoga class to stretch, strengthen, and invigorate your entire body. This hour-long class builds on the shorter sequences that we shared earlier in the month, so be sure to check out the 10-minute, 20-minute, and 30-minute classes first if you haven’t already.

This relaxing at-home yoga session features a number of cooling inversions, and starts with a Sun Salutation flow, followed by Triangle Pose and some balance and core-strengthening poses, hamstring and back stretches, and an alternate-nostril breathing practice to finish for a calming and balancing effect.

This workout is suitable for all levels, but be sure to tailor each exercise to your personal comfort and experience level. You can follow the student demonstrations in the video below for variations of each exercise.

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