3 Easy Ways to Practice Yoga On the Go

Too busy to make it to yoga class? I hear you! Here are a few easy ways to practice yoga on the go – wherever you are…

As busy as we all seem to be these days, it can sometimes seem difficult to fit in a workout – even if it’s your favorite yoga class! However, there are lots of ways to get more yoga into your day, whether it’s a 5-minute morning stretch as soon as you get out of bed, a quick 15-minute online class during your lunch break, or a relaxing yoga session right before bed to help you drift off to dreamland.

You can even do yoga while you’re traveling, even if your airport doesn’t have one of of those fancy yoga lounges

No matter where your busy life takes you, there are plenty of ways to get your daily yoga fix.

Here are 3 quick ideas for practicing yoga on the go:


How many times have you arrived at the airport early, only to sit near your gate for hours, waiting to board? Instead of spending that time watching the news or scrolling through your social media pages, do some yoga. Find an unpopulated, quiet place to meditate or practice a few poses before your flight departs.

Whether you have your routine memorized or you need a little guidance, take this time to relax and get in a quick workout. For yogis seeking a little guidance, bring along an iPad Air to stream guided yoga practices from sites like this one. The device is lightweight and portable, so you still have room for your yoga mat and some healthy snacks in your carry-on.


Get your day started off on the right-food by reciting positive affirmations on your commute to work…

While it’s not recommended to go into deep meditation while driving, you can practice mindful driving. For example, experience the silence. Turn everything off, like the radio and your cellphone. Allow yourself to feel calmer, more relaxed and happier, suggests the meditation experts of WildMind.

At Lunch

Spend your lunch break outdoors practicing yoga. Although nature is most restorative in generous doses, like spending a weekend on a hiking trip, spending your lunch hour outside is better than not being outside at all. Nature can boost creativity, sharpen thinking and relieve stress. By rolling out your yoga mat in a local park or green space near your office, you can experience the healing benefits of both nature and yoga. To make your practice more comfortable, keep a set of workout clothes stored at your desk.

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