[Weekly Workout] Pre-Bed Yoga for Deep Sleep & Relaxation

Relax and sleep soundly with this gentle 20-minute pre-bed yoga practice…

With long days, lots of daylight, and warm nights, sometimes it can be hard to get to sleep in the summer. A gentle yoga session before bed may help you to relax and drift off to dreamland.

This super gentle and easy pre-bed yoga class is perfect for all levels, and it will help you let go of any tension, stress, or negativity that you may be holding onto, so that you can fully relax and get a good night’s sleep. Relax, release, and find yourself feeling calm and peaceful in the present moment as you drift into a restful and relaxed state, ready for sleep.

You can do this sequence on your bed, on a yoga mat, or on a soft blanket. You will also need a pillow for this class, and you may wish to set the mood by lighting a candle or burning some incense if you find that helpful.

Get comfy, and get ready to relax!


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