An Introduction to Buti Yoga – The New Yoga Fitness Craze

Looking for something new and different to get you out of your usual yoga routine? Buti yoga may fit the bill…

There are many types of yoga, and it seems more are cropping up almost weekly. From traditional forms of yoga such as Ashtanga or Hatha yoga, to therapeutic yoga such as Iyengar, or the new and more trendy types like “Hot Yoga” or AcroYoga, there’s a type of yoga out there for everyone! One new type of yoga that is getting lots of attention these days is Buti yoga. This fitness trend may not be something you’ve tried yet, but here’s a little more about this new form of yoga and why it’s catching on so quickly.

Buti yoga may be considered a “fusion” of a few different forms of exercise, including Vinyasa-style yoga poses and flows, tribal dance movements, and even plyometric training. You will also find some calisthenic moves along with traditional yoga poses.

A Buti yoga classroom may not have the calm and peaceful atmosphere you associate with a traditional yoga class, but it does have an inward focus to go along with the energetic physical movement aspect. In fact, the founder of Buti yoga intended for this method to emphasize “not only transforming the body from the outside but honing in on uniting the body, mind, and soul,” and more specifically, “to tone the body and energize the divine feminine energy inside.”

However, this doesn’t mean that Buti yoga is only for women. This practice is designed “to be an engaging, fast-paced workout that encourages individuals to find comfort in their sexuality… Buti yoga works to create a feeling of empowerment by embracing the skin that one is born in, encouraging self-love and being and a community of like-minded people.”

Men and women of all shapes, sizes and fitness levels can find benefit in practicing Buti yoga. Here are a few things that make Buti Yoga unique:

The physical benefits differ from the traditional yoga classroom because of the amount of movement and stress added to the body. It varies greatly, as the workout utilizes the spiral structure technique or SST. This workout technique is a strengthening technique that Buti yoga introduces that focuses on and stimulates all abdominal muscles that use spiral movements instead of linear.

Spiral movements mean that it’s strengthening all parts of the abdominal muscle groups, from the inner and out, top to bottom. Before this technique, the most common form to target this was from a crunch, but the abdomen is cylindrical. To build a strong core, using these spiral movements activate every side of the abdominal muscles.

The amount of sweat is rather significant in comparison to a traditional yoga classroom as well. During one class, the estimate of calories that one can burn is between 800-1000.


Shakti is said to be the divine feminine energy that lies dormant at the spine… Through Buti yoga, this energy is released through exercises such as hip rotations or powerful yoga movements to sculpt and mold the body from the outside, incorporating the strong feminine power from within.


Buti Yoga focuses on removing blockages that we develop in our chakras, most notably our first and second…

In many cultures, dance rituals incorporate hip and pelvic spiraling. These moves help to open and align these chakras by cultivating a new awareness of our mind and body’s connection and redefining our views on ourselves and reassessing our limitations and potential.

Is Buti yoga right for you?

Whether you enjoy Buti yoga will depend on what you are looking for and what you’re hoping to gain from the experience. There’s no denying that this quite a different approach to yoga from what you may be used to. But if you’re looking for something different, more fast-paced, or more variety in your yoga workout, this may be a yoga style to try.

Want to try it out at home? Pop in a DVD for an on-demand class!

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