[Pose Of the Week] Lift & Stretch In Revolved Camel Pose (Intermediate)

Strengthen your quads and core as you stretch your entire body in Revolved Camel Pose…

Revolved Camel Pose (Parivrtta Ustrasana) – also called Twisted Camel Pose or Camel Pose in a Twist – is an intermediate-level yoga back bend pose that targets the shoulders, spine, abs, hip flexors, and quads, providing a great stretch and relief for mild back pain. This more advanced version of Camel Pose requires more strength in the core, and it also improves posture, increases circulation, stimulates the digestive organs, and may help relieve symptoms of asthma and other respiratory issues. It is also thought to help relieve anxiety, stress, and fatigue.

To modify the pose, you may wish to place a folded blanket under your knees. If you don’t have enough flexibility to bend all the way into the full back bend, you can also bend your knees more deeply and lower your hips towards your heels, resting your hands on the mat rather than on your heels.

Those with high blood pressure, insomnia, or migraine headaches should avoid this pose. If you have neck or back injuries, go slow and use extra caution when performing this pose. Back off or skip the pose if you feel any pain in these areas.

How to Do Revolved Camel Pose:

  1. Begin in the Hero Pose (Virasana), knees bent underneath you. Reach your hands back to rest on the soles of your feet.
  2. Exhale and lift your pelvis up and away from your feet, tucking your tailbone in as your move your upper body forward. Bring your upper legs perpendicular to the floor, keeping your shins and feet firmly planted on the mat. Both hands should be firmly gripped on the feet.
  3. As you lift, pull up on your navel and feel your back naturally begin to arch. Keeping a firm hold on your right foot, reach your left arm up and toward the ceiling. Extend through the arm and out of the fingertips, reaching up without lifting your hips, legs or feet. As you lift, your body will twist slightly; be sure to keep your hips square as you try to align your shoulders vertically.
  4. Hold this position for 30-60 seconds, gazing up at the thumb of your left arm. Exhale as you lower your arm back to your feet, then repeat the steps on the other side. Finish by returning to the Hero Pose.
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