[Pose Of the Week] Salutation Seal Pose (Beginner)

Bring focus & calm into your yoga or meditation practice with Salutation Seal Pose…

Salutation Seal Pose (Anjali) – also known as Prayer Pose – is a common yoga mudra which is believed to provide several benefits in your yoga practice, including stimulation of the heart muscle and heart chakra, improved hand and wrist flexibility, relief of stress and anxiety, increased concentration, and a sense of inner calm. It is also believed to help synchronize and balance the two hemispheres of the brain, so it is a great way to enter a meditative state.

This mudra can be performed in various yoga poses, but is most commonly done in seated poses such as Easy Pose and Lotus Pose, as well as the standing Tree Pose. It is also often used in Sun Salutation sequences.

How to Do Salutation Seal Pose:

  1. This pose can be done either sitting or standing. First, inhale while bringing your palms together and rest your thumbs lightly on your breast bone (sternum) in the center.
  2. Press your palms and fingers firmly and evenly together. Realize that one hand tends to be dominant, (if you are right handed, your right hand will be stronger and if you are left handed, your left hand will tend to dominate). If there is an imbalance of strength, adjust the pressure toward equal sensation in both hands.
  3. Bow your head just slightly and draw your neck toward the center of your head. Lift your sternum pressing toward your thumbs, and relax and drop down along the back of your upper arms all the way to your armpits, allowing your elbows to hang heavy downward.
  4. Sit and breathe deeply and slowly in the pose for 5 minutes (you may extend the time as you get more comfortable in the pose, or as you move into a meditation practice).
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