[Weekly Workout] 19-Minute Holiday Pranayama Practice

Release stress and improve your overall well-being with this short but effective Pranayama practice – perfect for the busy holiday season!

This time of year can be stressful, so it’s nice to take some time out once in a while and find the calm at your center! Yogic breathing – or Pranayama – can be a great way to accomplish this. This 19-minute Pranayama breath practice will help you to learn breathing techniques to deal with stress and anxiety, and achieve a sense of balance and well-being, even during the midst of the busy holiday season.

Slow down and breathe as you learn to reunite with your breath and become calm and centered, manage your emotions constructively, and even sleep better!

This is a floor practice, so you may practice on a yoga mat or a soft blanket as desired.

Relax and enjoy!


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