[Weekly Workout] 20-Minute Kundalini Yoga Flow for Digestive Health

Boost your energy and improve your digestive health with this cleansing 20-minute Kundalini yoga flow class…

Welcome to this week’s special Kundalini yoga class! This week, we’re focusing on digestive health. The health of your digestive system is sooo important for overall health and well-being! If you’re feeling low-energy, foggy-headed, unfocused, or even depressed, it is highly possible that poor digestive health may be to blame. (And these symptoms are especially prevalent after all the rich food and other indulgences of the holiday season.)

This is why it’s so important to make sure your digestive system is in good working order. This Kundalini yoga flow class is specifically designed to stimulate your bowels and get your digestive system back in good working order. This class is accessible to anyone – even Kundalini beginners or those with limited flexibility. All you need is a yoga mat, so put on your comfy clothes and let’s get started!


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