[Weekly Workout] 60-Minute Morning Kundalini Yoga for Energy

Start off your year on the right foot with this energizing introduction to Kundalini yoga!

Welcome to your New Year Kundalini yoga series! This week, we kick off with a 1-hour morning Kundalini yoga practice to start off your day with energy and clarity.

This beginner-friendly practice includes an intense core-strengthening sequence to build strength throughout your core, back, and legs via a traditional Kundalini kriya. (A kriya is a prescribed practice with a specific set of exercises that are repeated for a few minutes at a time.)

In contrast to a typical Vinyasa or Hatha yoga practice, this class is all about moving energy throughout your body, so you’ll hear references to the chakras and subtle body energies. This class is gentle enough even for those who are brand new to yoga, and it’s also a great way for more experienced yoga students to try out Kundalini yoga for the first time!

All you need is a yoga mat, so grab yours and join us now for this energizing and uplifting class!


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