[Weekly Workout] Crown Chakra Yoga Practice to Connect to Your Higher Power

Connect to your higher power and your inner self with this crown chakra yoga practice to open your crown chakra and help you find inner peace…

We have reached the 7th chakra this week and are wrapping up our chakra yoga series with this lovely crown chakra yoga class.

The Crown Chakra or Sahasrara is known as the gateway to connecting with our higher power or higher self. Located at the very top of the head, the seventh chakra is associated with beauty and the spiritual realm. When closed, this chakra makes us feel cut off from our inner selves and we tend to blame outer circumstances for our happiness. Opening this chakra helps us feel a sense of pure awareness and blissful connection. Its associated color is violet or purple, and it is thought by some to be the seat of the soul.

This crown chakra yoga sequence is designed to help you tap into your inner awareness and unlock your true potential. As you move through this flow, try to concentrate on seeing a violet light just above the crown of your head.

Thanks for hanging with us these past few weeks, and we hope you enjoyed the series! You can find all the chakra yoga classes in our workouts archives, or by searching for “chakra yoga” on our website.

We will be taking a quick break next week for summer vacation, but stay tuned for more yoga workouts coming soon!


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