[Weekly Workout] Kundalini Yoga for Self-Love & Acceptance

Access the loving energy inside you and project love, acceptance and compassion into the world with this dynamic Kundalini yoga workout!

We could all use a little more love and acceptance in our lives, but the truth is that these things are found within us – not from external sources. Yoga can help you access the deep, inner part of your being that knows you are perfect and loved, regardless of your external circumstances. This week’s Kundalini yoga class focuses on helping you to tune into these inner feelings and bring more peace, love, and self-acceptance into your daily life.

The 35-minute session is designed to help you mentally bless yourself, and shift your feelings from fear to love. If you experience pain during this exercise, please back off a bit, but be aware that this may mean that you have a lot of anger stored in your body which needs to be released, so don’t be afraid to challenge yourself a bit. Show yourself kindness and compassion as you open your heart center and face the world with strength and courage!

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