[Weekly Workout] Kundalini Yoga Session for the Upper Body

Strengthen and tone your upper body with this short Kundalini yoga session…

This week’s workout focuses on upper body strengthening and toning through an energetic Kundalini yoga session. Kundalini yoga is often used as a cardiovascular workout due to its powerful, repetitive movements, but it is also great for building strength throughout the body. Of course, you will also learn to connect your mind, body, and breath together into one harmonious whole, which is a key feature of Kundalini practice.

This particular workout is a segment of a popular class from one of my favorite Kundalini yoga instructors. It is not a full class, but will give you a good taste of how Kundalini yoga can help to strengthen and tone your muscles while clearing and focusing your mind. This 8-minute segment will work your upper and lower back, your arms, and your shoulders, as well as your lungs, your digestive system, and your core muscles.

Give it a try now!

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