[Weekly Workout] Third-Eye Chakra Yoga Practice for Intuition & Wisdom

Tap into your inner wisdom with this Third-Eye chakra yoga flow!

We are nearing the end of our chakra yoga workout series, and today we are addressing the “Third Eye” or Ajna Chakra! This chakra is all about tapping into the inner guidance system that is found within all of us – often described as intuition, the “sixth sense,” or inner awareness. A blocked 6th chakra can leave you feeling cynical, judgemental, or untrusting.

On the other hand, opening the third-eye chakra can help you open your mind to other perspectives and see the “big picture.” It can also help you to tap into your inner wisdom and learn to trust your intuition to guide you to make healthy choices. (Interestingly enough, this chakra brings us full circle, as it both helps ground us into our inner wisdom, and also lifts us up to connect with a higher power!)

This third-eye chakra yoga flow is designed to help you tap into your inner wisdom or awareness, stimulate your imagination, and learn to listen to your intuition. Use this flowing sequence of of floor exercises, core work, and standing/balancing poses to ground yourself into your intuition, lift yourself in wisdom, and learn to balance with awareness. You will finish off the sequence with a seated meditation to help you focus inward and listen to the wise voice inside.


Feeling like the whole “chakra” thing isn’t really for you? No worries! Just browse our workout archives to find something a little more your style. ?

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