Yoga for Babies?

Yoga is awesome, but does it really have benefits for babies? Here’s why you may want to consider doing yoga with your baby…

Yoga for kids has become more popular over the past few years, and it does have a number of helpful benefits – especially for children with developmental issues or behavioral problems.

But what about yoga for babies?

Not only are there some gentle yoga exercises you can do with your baby, but the benefits of some poses can even be enhanced by holding your baby while doing your own yoga.

Some of the benefits babies may experience from yoga are reduced pain and pressure from gas, better sleep, and less stress (which means less crying – which means less stress for you!).

Here are a couple of yoga exercises to try with your baby:

Yoga For Baby

This pose is called knees-to-chest. With your baby lying on his back, gently take both feet with your hands. Gently push his feet towards his head, bending his knees into a froglike position as you go. Before continuing, make sure his expression seems happy. Do this several times; this pose is especially helpful in relieving painful gas.


For You and Baby

Tree pose is one of those baby yoga poses that’s excellent for you to complete with your baby. Doing it with baby will increase your strength and balance. In order to complete with your baby, turn your standing foot out wider than usual to give more balance. After placing your lifted foot on the inner thigh of your standing leg, take baby in both hands holding him around the chest. Let him rest on the lifted leg, facing outwards. Holding this additional weight will be an excellent reminder to keep your arms firm and your shoulders and collarbones rounded down.



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