[Pose of the Week] Sundial Pose (Advanced)

Ready for a challenging standing balance pose? Check out Sundial Pose! Here’s why it’s good for you, and some tips for getting into this advanced pose…

Sundial Pose (Surya Yantraxsana) is an advanced yoga pose that provides an amazing stretch throughout the hips, shoulders, and hamstrings, while improving balance and leg strength.

As with any advanced yoga pose, you will want to make sure your muscles and joints are full warmed up before attempting this pose. Start out with some hip opening poses and shoulder stretches, including Camel, Lunge, and Downward-Facing Dog.

Then you may gradually progress into this unique standing balance pose.

Once you are warmed up, this quick demo video from YogaGlo.com will help guide you into Sundial Pose:



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