[Yoga Workout] 20-Minute Yoga for Emotional Release

Let go of painful and pent-up emotions with this gentle yoga flow for emotional release…

This week’s practice is a 20-minute flow for emotional release. Yoga is not only an amazing physical workout, but it can also help to release emotions caused by trauma or painful experiences.

Yoga helps to release emotions by stretching the fascia, which is the connective tissue that runs throughout your entire body and encases all of your muscles. This tissue is highly elastic, but when you experience physical or emotional trauma, your fascia may tighten and become dehydrated. Movement helps to stretch and rehydrate the fascia, which, in turn, may help to release stuck emotions. (If you’ve ever cried for no reason during yoga class, now you know why!)

This 20-minute flow stretches the fascia and the hips – another area where we tend to hold emotional pain. Relax, release, and let go of painful and stagnant emotions throughout your mind, body, and heart with this lovely releasing session.


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