3 Fun Yoga Poses That Kids Love

Yoga isn’t just for adults – kids can benefit too! Here are some fun kid-friendly yoga poses your kids will love.

You probably think of yoga as an adult activity, and while it is a wonderful form of exercise and stress relief for adults, it can also provide these awesome benefits for kids as well!

After all, adults aren’t the only ones who spend most of their days hunched over a desk, book, or computer. In fact, many children today are beginning to suffer from previously adult diseases, such as Type 2 diabetes, obesity, and even high blood pressure. Yoga can relieve stress, improve posture, and provide some much needed exercise for kids.

Here are 3 fun yoga poses that your kids will enjoy doing right along with you!


  1. Cat to Cow Pose: Begin on your hands and knees. Next round your back and tuck your chin into your chest as if you are a cat. Then look up, arch your back and open your chest into Cow Pose. This is a great way to strengthen your spine and begin to feel your heart opening.

  2. Updog Pose: Lie on your tummy. Place the palms of your hands next to your shoulders and look up. Slowly straighten your arms and open your chest. It is okay to keep arms bent as well.

  3. Bow Pose: Lie on your tummy, bend your knees, and lift your chest. Reach your arms back toward your toes and hold onto your feet. Let your heart shine!

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