3 Helpful Yoga Breathing Exercises to Teach Your Kids

Teach your kids these easy yoga breathing exercises to help them learn to manage their emotions and relieve stress.

Many people think of yoga simply as a series of specific poses. Others may think of it as a serene form of exercise with a spiritual or meditative component. While both of these aspects are important, a third part of yoga which is equally important is the breath.

There are many techniques of yogic breathing or Pranayama, but you don’t have to learn any complicated breath patterns or advanced yoga techniques to take advantage of the many benefits of learning to harness the power of your breath. In fact, many yoga breathing techniques are so simple even small children can learn and benefit from them.

For example, the three yoga breathing exercises listed below can help kids of any age learn to better handle their emotions and make good decisions even in emotional situations. Emotions can often seem scary and overwhelming to children, so these techniques are great tools to help them manage the ups and downs of growing up.

Of course, adults can benefit from these yoga breathing exercises too, so learn them yourself and then teach your kids to practice them as well!

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