[Video] 5 Hard Yoga Poses Made Easy

Struggling with Crow Pose? Can’t seem to master Headstand, no matter how long you’ve been trying? Try these tips for making those hard yoga poses a little easier…

We’re doing something a little different this week instead of our usual “Pose of the Week.” Many people have commented that they have trouble with specific poses, so this week, we’re sharing some tips and tricks for mastering some of those hard yoga poses that can be a little tricky at first.

In this short video, yoga instructor Kristin McGee demonstrates how to get into some of the poses that many new yogis find most challenging. If you have found these yoga poses too difficult in the past, try these helpful hints and see how you fare. Be sure to comment below or on our Facebook page and let us know if these tips helped!

Please Note: Nothing will substitute for actual practice, so you likely won’t find yourself hopping up into Headstand Pose in seconds if you’ve never tried it before – nor should you! However, with time and practice as you build strength and increase your flexibility, following these techniques can make it easier to enter into some of these trickier yoga poses.

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