[Pose Of the Week] Lift & Twist In Revolved Cobra Pose (Intermediate)

Stretch & strengthen your spine, relieve back pain, stimulate digestion & more with Revolved Cobra Pose…

Revolved Cobra Pose (Parivrtta Bhujangasana) – also known as Cobra Twist or Twisted Cobra Pose – is an intermediate-level yoga twist pose that helps to stretch the abdominal muscles, strengthen the upper body, and more. A gentle twist pose, Revolved Cobra massages the internal organs, increases spinal flexibility while strengthening the core and back muscles, and relieves mild spinal disc issues.

Try to keep your hips square in the pose by pressing your pelvis down to the mat throughout the pose to avoid the hip lifting as you twist. For greater muscle tone in the lower back and glutes, press your legs together in the pose. To release pressure on your lower back, you can allow the legs to remain open.

Keep in mind that this pose both twists and bends the spine, so be sure your spine is fully warmed up before performing this pose. Performing Cat-Cow flow and some gentle seated twists before this pose is recommended. Remember not to push yourself too far – especially if you have spinal issues: if it hurts, back off or skip the pose.

How to Do Revolved Cobra Pose:

  1. From Crocodile Pose: Inhale – place the hands on the floor besides the chest and raise the torso up into Cobra Pose.
  2. Exhale – stretching the back. Inhale – twist the shoulders and the upper back towards the right.
  3. Exhale – twist and look back behind you.
  4. Center your left hand in front of you, and twist deeper as you reach your right arm back, hooking your right hand inside the right thigh to help deepen the twist.
  5. Remain in this twist and stretch for 3-4 deep breaths.
  6. Release the twist and come back to center as you inhale.
  7. Repeat on the other side, twisting as you exhale, and stay for 3-4 breaths.
  8. Return to center on an inhale, and relax in Crocodile Pose for a few breaths.


Image Source: ForteYoga.com


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