[Pose Of the Week] Open Up In Gracious Pose (Beginner)

Open your hips, relax your mind, release tension, and more in Gracious Pose…

Gracious Pose (Bhadrasana) is a beginner-level seated yoga pose that helps to stretch the thighs, knees, feet, hips, and spine, reduces fatigue, and calms the mind. This is a meditative pose that is believed to strengthen the parasympathetic nervous system and lower cortisol production, thereby relieving stress and its associated health impacts. This pose is commonly done during meditation or pranayama practices, or as a grounding pose to calm the mind and body at the beginning or end of a yoga sequence.

For added support, you may place a folded blanket under the legs, between the feet, or under the buttocks. You may vary the pose by interlacing your fingers behind the neck and opening your elbows wide, or stretching your arms overhead with interlaced fingers and palms turned upwards. You can also roll your spine gently forward, resting the forehead on the mat and stretching the arms forward on the floor for a restful variation.

Those with knee or ankle injuries or chronic pain in these areas should avoid this pose.

How to Do Gracious Pose:

1. Enter into the pose in a kneeling position. Keep the knees hip-width apart and toes touching each other.

2. Gently sit back on your heels with your heels touching the outer edges of your hips.

3. Spread the knees as wide as comfortable and rest the palms on the knees.

4. Lean back so that the hips sink down to the floor.

5. Lengthen the spine, draw back the shoulders, bring the chest forward, and relax your face.

6. Breathe deeply through the nose into the belly.

7. Hold the pose for as long as you feel comfortable.

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