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[Weekly Workout] Detox Yoga Fusion Challenge – Full Body Stretch

By / February 7, 2018

Get ready to strengthen, lengthen, and detoxify your body all month long with this fun detox yoga fusion workout challenge! One of our favorite online yoga instructors recently did a detox yoga fusion workout challenge which was a lot of fun. We have picked out our favorite 4 workouts from the series to share with […]


[Weekly Workout] Yoga to Beat the Winter Blues

By / January 24, 2018

Ditch those winter blues with this energizing and refreshing 30-minute yoga sequence! We all get the winter blues sometimes. There are times when all you feel like doing is holing up on the couch for days, or huddling under the covers reading and snoozing. Yes, even humans sometimes wish we could hibernate! Winter is a […]


[Weekly Workout] 30-Minute Vinyasa Power Yoga Flow

By / October 11, 2017

Stretch and strengthen your entire body with this flowing Vinyasa power yoga workout… Vinyasa is a flowing form of yoga that is often used in power yoga classes as it focuses on continuous movement without spending much time in resting postures. This flowing, fast-paced Vinyasa workout will strengthen and tone your body in the first […]


[Weekly Workout] Yoga Flow for Hips & Core Strength

By / August 9, 2017

Build core strength and stabilize your hips and back with this flowing Vinyasa yoga sequence. This powerful, flowing intermediate yoga sequence focuses on building core strength and flexible stability in the hips. Many back pain issues begin in the hips, and core strength is essential for good posture, avoiding injury, and supporting your back to […]


[Weekly Workout] 15-Minute Releasing Yoga Workout

By / August 2, 2017

Release the worries and stresses of the day with this quick cleansing and relaxing 15-minute yoga workout. This is a wonderful yoga workout to help you find your center after a rough or stressful day. It’s also a great way to start off your day with a fresh, positive outlook! Relax into this soothing yoga […]


[Weekly Workout] 20-Minute Fat-Burning Yoga Challenge – Part 2

By / May 24, 2017

Get fit fast with this fat-burning yoga workout challenge! Here is session 2… This relaxing and energizing fat-burning yoga session is designed to boost the power of your metabolism and help you lose weight while building strength and reducing stress – it’s a win-win workout! This is Part 2 in the yoga weight loss challenge […]


[Weekly Workout] 20-Minute Beginner Yoga for Belly Fat & Detox

By / April 12, 2017

Enjoy this gentle beginner yoga workout for enhanced detoxification and to help you get rid of stubborn belly fat. This gentle and flowing yoga session is perfect for beginners or anyone who would like to improve digestion, reduce belly fat, and enhance your body’s detoxification¬†process. This workout includes lots of twists as well as other […]


[Weekly Workout] Beginners Yoga Workout for Weight Loss

By / February 15, 2017

This flowing yoga workout stimulates the thyroid gland for improved health and weight loss. You may think of yoga as a slow and relaxing form of exercise that is mainly good for stretching your muscles, relieving stress, and improving flexibility. While it is all these things, yoga can also be a great way to lose […]


[Weekly Workout] Beginner Yoga For Flexibility

By / January 11, 2017

This quick 10-minute yoga workout will help to improve your flexibility and range of motion, while relaxing and energizing your entire body. When our muscles are tight – which is very common for those who have desk jobs and spend the day sitting in front of a computer – we are more prone to pain, […]