[Weekly Workout] Beginner Kundalini Yoga for Head, Neck, & Shoulders – Week 3

Beginner Kundalini yoga for head, neck, shoulder pain

Relieve head, neck, and shoulder pain with this energizing beginner Kundalini yoga sequence…

This week in our beginner Kundalini yoga series, we’re focusing on the head, neck, and shoulders. These areas may not always get a ton of attention in yoga class, but it’s very important to maintain this area of the body as so much happens here. There are numerous muscles, tendons, and energy meridians that run through this area, and it’s easy for mis-alignments or simple stress and tension to cause problems here.

Remember that the connections between the brain and the body all run through the neck, so it’s especially important to maintain clear energy flow in this area and keep everything communicating and functioning well.

This energizing 20- sequence will help to relieve pain and tension in the neck and shoulders, and may also relieve headaches. This is a great one to do if you’ve been spending a lot of time seated at a desk or in the car. It’s also good for travel or simply anytime you need to release some stress and boost your energy!

As with the previous classes in this series, feel free to do the sequence seated in a chair if this works better for you.


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