[Weekly Workout] Quick HIIT Yoga Fusion Class

This unique HIIT yoga session combines yoga poses with the high-intensity interval training technique to help you build strength and burn calories fast.

HIIT is a popular workout method that utilizes intense sessions of activity interspersed with short rest periods. The theory is that this method strengthens your cardiovascular system, while increasing your metabolism to burn more calories even while at rest. This workout style has become popular in recent years because it promises fast results (usually in less than 30 minutes), which are in high demand in our busy, fast-paced world.

High-intensitity interval training may seem like an odd combination with yoga, but if you’re pressed for time, this HIIT yoga session can help you get in a quick workout while still achieving some of the strengthening and toning benefits of yoga.

Since you’re likely extra busy with holiday preparations this time of year, I thought it was the perfect time to share this quick HIIT yoga fusion workout, which should take you less than 20 minutes.

Here’s how to do this workout, from YogaJournal.com:

1. Do each move for 1 minute, then transition to the next. With each HIIT-inspired asana, aim for 30 seconds of slow, mindful motion, followed by 20 seconds of a faster pace, and finally 10 seconds of high-intensity movement in which you move as strongly as you can while still maintaining good alignment.

2. Breathe through your mouth whenever needed, and feel free to walk in place for 1 minute between each 1-minute active round as you build your cardiovascular endurance.

The poses:

Get the full workout + see demonstrations of each move at YogaYournal.com


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