9 Reasons to Practice Kundalini Meditation This Year

Improve all aspects of your life this year with Kundalini meditation! Here are a few awesome reasons to give it a try…

It’s a new year, which means it’s time for…New Year’s Resolutions! This year, why not make a resolution to create positive change in every area of your life? If that sounds like a tall order, don’t worry – it’s simpler than you might think! In fact, taking up meditation can improve every aspect of your life, and while it may take some practice, it’s well worth the effort!

One of the best ways to incorporate meditation into your yoga practice is through Kundalini meditation. Kundalini is a form of yoga which focuses heavily on moving energy throughout the body using specialized meditation techniques, including chants, mantras, breathing exercises, and and physical movements designed to activate the chakras and encourage energy flow. The goal is to cleanse the mind and rejuvenate the body while balancing your energy centers. Doing this can have significant positive impacts throughout all areas of your life!

Not convinced? Here are 9 great reasons to make Kundalini meditation a part of your regular yoga practice this year:

1.) It Helps Develop Your Inner Guidance

Kundalini meditation strengthens your connection to your intuition. It teaches us that every seeker has an inner guidance already available to them. If you choose to listen to it, you can live with its guiding support. Over time, your subconscious mind will develop more through your practice.

You will learn to feel through your meditation more organically.

When your thoughts and feelings align with your soul, you can sense the guidance of your intuition. You can then apply this intuition when you are faced with decisions, questions, and choices.

2.) It Increases Your Vitality & Well-Being

Sacred chant music is at the core of Kundalini meditation. This music is also called Nada Yoga. Based on these sound vibrations, you can transform your mind, body, and spirit.

This chant music uses harmonic flows to increase the serotonin and dopamine levels in your brain. By regulating these tones through mantras, breath, and rhythm, we can produce profound effects on our vitality and wellbeing.

3.) It Encourages Deep Connection

Kundalini practice has traditionally been passed down from master to teacher. By participating in this practice, you are tying yourself to an ancestral lineage.

Each session begins with the chant “Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo.”

This chant is believed to link you to the lineage of spiritual masters who have practiced before you.

In this way, you are calling upon this lineage to strengthen your bonds. Over time, you will enhance this unbroken guidance, protection, and wisdom.

4.) It Improves Mindfulness

Practicing Kundalini meditation takes you out of the cycle of karma. Positive intentions and kriya practices also help you burn off accumulated karma and allow you to start anew.

The more you practice, the more present, conscious, and intuitive you will become.

We all walk the path of “dharma,” or mindful living. But Kundalini meditation will give you the tools to become open to infinite possibilities. Rather than living in response to your karma, try breaking out of the cycle through this practice.

5.) It Boosts Positive Energy

Kundalini practice grows and expands our vibrational energetic fields or auras. It alerts you to positive and negative influences within your environment.

A weak aura can let these negative energies in, sometimes even attracting them. But a large, vibrant, and radiant aura can protect you from negativity.

This will keep you centered on the path to living your true identity.

6.) It Helps You Learn to Control Your Thoughts and Emotions

Kundalini meditation enhances the nervous system and balances hormonal glands. It is also said to purify the blood through increased oxygen levels. This can help “clean out” the subconscious mind that has been conditioned with behavioral patterns.

Over time, your practice can give you greater awareness.

In this way, you can choose how to respond to thoughts and emotions as they arise.

Kundalini is not about repressing your emotions. It is about developing a deeper awareness of them. This is a process where you can make conscious choices about your responses. This also produces a neutral mind. Soon, your subconscious will become a place where positive and negative thoughts are evaluated in an instant.

Kundalini will also guide you into a state of non-attachment, compassion, and neutrality.

7.) It Helps Control & Reduce Stress

Through your Kundalini practice, you will strengthen and balance your nervous system. If the nervous system is weak, then you are more likely to respond to unhealthy reactions of stress.

But during Kundalini, all nerve endings in the body will be given an energetic boost.

Kundalini practice can be deeply rejuvenating. You will experience a state of total relaxation where healing can take place. Additionally, daily practices will give you extra stamina and resilience. This will help you handle stress better.

8.) It Works In the Modern World

Our modern-day lives demand so much of us – and taking up a regular meditation practice can sound time-consuming.

But Kundalini can act quickly and effectively within our busy schedules.

Kundalini includes a wide range of lifestyle benefits. These can help you better handle and optimize your busy life. You can attend a weekly yoga class or incorporate yogic teachings within your personal life. This can include hygiene, a vegetarian diet, meditation styles, and selfless service.

9.) It Increases Your Spiritual Connection

Kundalini meditation lets you experience who you are when “ego” is transcended. Once you gain this insight, you will no longer have the desire to look for security outside of you.

Well-being comes from knowing who you are.

Having a more intimate connection with the Universe will only foster this sense of self.


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