[Pose Of the Week] Stretch It Out with Revolving Beam Pose (Intermediate)

Enjoy a full-body stretch, improve lung function, strengthen your upper body, & more with Revolving Beam Pose…

Revolving Beam Pose (Parivrtta Parighasana) – also known as Revolved Beam Pose or Revolving Gate Pose – is an intermediate-level yoga pose that provides a great full-body stretch, along with improving upper body strength. This pose stretches the sides of the torso and the core muscles, as well as the arms, shoulders, and upper chest muscles. It also stretches the legs and back and strengthens the arms, shoulders, core, and legs. It is also thought to massage the internal organs and improve digestive health and lung function.

To modify the pose, you can stretch more horizontally rather than arching into a backend – or stick with Gate Pose until you are able to move into this more advanced variation. You can also rest your supporting hand on a block. You may place a folded blanket under the knee for comfort if needed.

Those with shoulder or knee injuries may wish to avoid this pose.

How to Do Revolving Gate Pose:

  1. Begin in an upright kneeling position.
  2. Lean to one side and place your palm on the floor outside the ankle.
  3. Extend the other leg straight out, and then arch the spine in a gentle curve.
  4. Stretch the other arm over the head and back to complete the curve.
  5. Focus on pressing the palm of the supporting arm and the foot of the extended leg into the floor, as well as the lower part of the bent leg, so that your weight is balanced evenly – relieving any excess pressure on the knee.
  6. Imagine energy flowing from the toes of the extended leg all the way up the body and arm and out through the fingers of the extended hand.
  7. Take several deep breaths, then come out of the pose and sit on your heels for a minute or two before repeating on the opposite side.
  8. Finish by sitting on your heels for a few breaths, and then rest in Child’s Pose.


(Image Source: SarvYoga.com)

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