[Pose Of the Week] Open In Strength & Power with Little Thunderbolt Pose (Advanced)

Enjoy an advanced stretch for your thighs, back, chest, and more with Little Thunderbolt Pose…

Little Thunderbolt Pose (Laghu Vajrasana) – also sometimes known as Full Camel Pose – is an intermediate-to-advanced level back bend pose that opens the chest and stretches the entire front body, while strengthening the core, thighs, and spinal muscles. This pose provides an intense stretch for the neck, back, hips, quadriceps, and psoas muscles, and is also believed to improve energy and focus.

This pose is also thought to help open the throat chakra, the third eye chakra, and the heart chakra for improved communication, clarity, and intuition.

To modify the pose, go only part of the way back and hold, then lift back to start. As you progress, you may also modify by resting your head on a block as you go back. Be sure to keep the spine long and chest lifting up to avoid crunching the lower back.

Before practicing this pose, be sure you are fully comfortable with Camel Pose, Wheel Pose, and other backbends. Beginners, as well as those with injuries to the neck, back, or knees should avoid this pose.

How to Do Little Thunderbolt Pose:

  1. Begin in a kneeling position with your thighs perpendicular to the floor.
  2. Lift your chest to lengthen your spine as you move back to Camel Pose.
  3. Bring your hands to grasp your ankles.
  4. Drop your head back.
  5. With control that comes from grounding through the legs, drop your head back and slowly lower the crown to the ground, coming into a backbend.
  6. Keep your arms straight and hold on to your ankles the whole time – or, for an advanced challenge, slide the hands down to hold just above the knees (as pictured here).
  7. To come out of the pose, engage the core and draw yourself back up to kneeling.
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