[Pose Of the Week] Stretch & Stabilize With Pyramid Pose (Intermediate)

Feel strong, stable, and calm in Pyramid Pose – find out how below…

Pyramid Pose (Pārśvottānāsana) (also known as Side-Stretching Pose) is a wonderful strengthening and stabilizing intermediate forward-bend pose that also provides a great stretch for the upper and lower body. Pyramid pose stretches and releases the hips, hamstrings, and shoulders, tones the core, stretches the spine, strengthens the legs, and improves posture and balance. It is also thought to stimulate the abdominal organs, improve digestion, and calm and clear the mind.

If you have limited flexibility, you may wish to modify this pose by resting your hands on blocks, with the goal of eventually resting your torso on your thigh. You may also fold your hands or arms behind your back as shown in the demonstration below. Try to keep a long, straight spine throughout the pose, without bending or rounding the back.

Those who are pregnant or who suffer from frequent headaches should avoid this pose.

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