[Pose Of the Week] Stretch, Strengthen & Lift In Low Lunge Pose (Beginner)

This beginner pose stretches and strengthens your lower body while improving your balance. Here are a few tips for properly performing Lunge Pose…

Lunge Pose (Anjaneyasana) – also known as Low Lunge Pose, Monkey Lunge Pose, or Low Warrior I Pose (Ardha Virabhadrasana I) – is a foundational yoga pose that you will find in many basic yoga classes. This pose looks very simple, but in fact it has many benefits, including strengthening your legs, glutes, and core muscles, improving your balance and body awareness, and increasing your focus and concentration. Last but not least, Lunge Pose also provides a wonderful stretch for the psoas muscles, hips and quadriceps, which makes it a great pose for those who spend a lot of time seated.

This pose can be challenging for those who have trouble with balance. Make a conscious effort to focus on breathing deeply and slowly while performing this pose. This will help you to find and maintain your balance, while building awareness of the core muscles that keep you supported.

If you are unable to lift your hands up into the full pose while keeping your balance, you can start off with your hands on the floor on either side of your front foot. You can also have your hands resting on blocks, or rest them on your front thigh above your knee.

Those with chronic low back problems or knee problems should take it easy in this pose and always pay attention to how your body feels. If something doesn’t feel right, stop or back off.

Watch the short video here for a demonstration and instructions on how to do Low Lunge Pose:


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