[Pose Of the Week] The Goddess Kali’s Pose (Beginner)

Embrace your inner strength & power with the fierce & energizing Goddess Kali’s Pose…

The Goddess Kali’s Pose (Kaliasana) is named, fittingly, for the Hindu goddess, Kali. Kali is known as the goddess of destruction, power, time, and transformation. She is also sometimes called the Divine Mother, and is associated with liberation from attachment and the destruction of evil and ego.

This is an empowering and energizing pose that builds strength in the legs and core, tones the arms, shoulders, and midsection, and when combined with Pranayama techniques, can also build stamina, massage the internal organs, and improve breath control.

How to Do the Goddess Kali’s Pose:

  • Spread your feet wide and angle them slightly outward.
  • Sit into a deep, low squat, keeping your back straight.
  • Bring your arms up parallel with your shoulders then bend at the elbow to create a goal post shape. Bend your wrists so your palms are facing the sky.
  • For the full expression, try to look up at your third eye with your eyes open and stick out your tongue as far as it can go.
  • Feel free to add some of the Kali breath variations found here.


(Image Source: KatiaYoga.com)

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