[Weekly Workout] 12-Minute Yoga with Kids

This 12-minute yoga with kids class is a great way to involve your kids in your yoga practice and give them a fun way to get some healthy exercise!

Doing yoga at home can seem especially challenging with kids running around all the time. But why not include them in the fun, and bring your kids into your yoga practice once in a while? Yoga can have a number of helpful benefits for children as well as adults, and many kids love practicing yoga poses – especially those with fun animal names!

This week’s class features some yoga poses that you can do together with your kids. Next time you’re feeling frazzled and your kids are running wild, take a quick yoga break! It will be good for all of you, and will help you de-stress and enjoy your family time together. Feel free to hold these poses as often as you like, and repeat them as many times as your kids want to. (This class is suitable for all ages, but kids 3 and older will probably be able to focus better and participate more fully.)


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