[Pose Of the Week] Flowering Lotus Pose (Intermediate)

Flowering Lotus Pose

Balance & float in Flowering Lotus Pose – a great yoga pose for the whole family!

Here’s a fun pose to practice with the kids, or by yourself! Flowering Lotus Pose (Vikasita Kamalasana) – also known as Blossoming Lotus Pose, Floating Lotus Pose, or Flower Pose – is a great beginner-to-intermediate yoga pose that helps work on balance and focus while building core and arm strength. This pose also opens your hips and chest, strengthens the lower back, boosts your energy, and improves coordination.

This is a lighthearted and fun pose that is also great to do in a group, so it’s perfect for family yoga time. Once you’re tired of balancing, follow this pose up with some rolling on your spine or rocking in Butterfly Pose to continue the fun and give your back a gentle massage!

This pose is suitable for most people, but if you have knee or hip issues, use caution when performing this pose. Always listen to your body, and if something doesn’t feel right, adjust to your comfort or come out of the pose.

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How to Do Flowering Lotus Pose:

  • Come to sitting on your buttocks in Butterfly Pose by bending your knees, placing the soles of your feet together, and sitting with a tall spine.
  • On an inhale, firm your belly and lift your legs, pressing your heels together while spreading your toes outwards.
  • Balance on your sitting bones and weave your arms under your legs. Lift your chest, squeeze your shoulder blades together, and ensure that your spine is straight.
  • Hold your arms steady under your legs, with your palms facing up (or in a Gyan mudra), and turn your gaze upward. Imagine you are opening up into a blossoming flower.
  • Take a few deep breaths in the pose then come out of the pose on an exhale.
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