[Weekly Workout] 20-Minute Air Element Yoga Practice (Release & Flow)

Release negative thoughts, stress, and tension with this flowing Air Element yoga practice!

In this flowing 20-minute yoga class, you will focus on the element of air, exploring the depth of each inhale and exhale as you move. This is the fourth class in the Earth Element series, so be sure to check out the previous classes in our workout archives!

The air element is all about movement, creativity, and connection, so be prepared for a thoughtful and inward-centered practice that helps you connect with your deeper self.

Follow the flow of your breath in and out as you connect with the universal life force or Prana within you, with this sequence that combines movement, stillness, and breath into a relaxing and releasing practice. This practice is suitable for beginners through advanced students, but no matter what level of experience you have, please follow suggested modifications to suit your ability and comfort level.


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