[Weekly Workout] Navel Chakra Yoga to Find Your Inner Power

Awaken and balance your power center and your navel chakra with this empowering yoga practice!

We are continuing our chakra yoga series this week with the third or Navel Chakra.

The navel, solar plexus, or Manipura Chakra – also commonly known as your “power chakra” – rules your courage, self-esteem, and sense of personal power. It is also related to responsibility and your expression of your unique gifts in the world. This chakra is usually associated with self-awareness and the color yellow or gold.

By keeping this chakra balanced and healthy, you can better manifest your gifts and your ability to serve others. This yoga practice will help you to get in touch with this important area, strengthen and balance your 3rd chakra, and find your inner power!

Feeling like the whole “chakra” thing isn’t really for you? No worries! Just browse our workout archives to find something a little more your style. ?

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