[Weekly Workout] Quick Yoga Therapy for the Hips

Relieve pain and give your hips a tune-up with this quick yoga therapy sequence for hip pain…

Many people do yoga to relax, relieve stress and anxiety, increase flexibility, build functional strength, and more. However, another great reason to do yoga is for therapeutic purposes. Therapeutic yoga can be used to aid healing after surgery or an injury, reduce chronic pain, improve mobility, and more.

This week’s class is designed to help reduce hip pain and imbalance. By gently stretching the muscles in this area (which often become tight and shortened from prolonged periods in a seated position), you can help to realign the pelvic area, reduce stress on the joints, and relieve chronic hip pain conditions.

The tips and techniques demonstrated in the video below can be used as a sequence, or individually as needed to provide quick relief for pain and tightness in the hips.*

* This video should not be considered medical advice. Please consult your medical practitioner to be sure yoga is right for you before attempting any yoga class, especially if you are experiencing pain or recovering from an injury.


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