[Pose Of the Week] Bend & Stretch In Half Monkey Pose (Intermediate)

Stretch out your hamstrings, calves, and more with Half Monkey Pose – a great yoga pose for building flexibility in the legs and spine.

Half Monkey Pose (Ardha Hanumanasana) – also known as Half-Splits or Half Front Split Pose – is an intermediate-level version of the full Monkey Pose, an advanced yoga splits pose that requires extreme flexibility in the legs and hips. The intermediate version helps to increase flexibility in the legs to help you work towards the full pose. This pose stretches the ankles, calves, hamstrings, and lower back all at the same time, and it is a great stretch for runners or other athletes.

To modify the pose, you can rest your hands on yoga blocks to reduce strain on the lower back. If you have a sensitive lower back, do this version until you increase your flexibility enough to go further. You may also wish to place a folded blanket under your knee for comfort.

Those with knee or lower back injuries should avoid this pose.

How to Do Half Monkey Pose:

  1. Start in Low Lunge Pose.
  2. Rock back and flex your front foot. Square your hips with the mat and fold forward over your extended leg.
  3. Walk your hands forward and draw your toes back to increase the stretch in your calves and hamstrings.
  4. Stay in the pose for 3-5 breaths.
  5. To release, inhale deeply, then exhale, rock back to Low Lunge and step back to Downward Facing Dog for a nice transitional stretch. Hold for a moment or two.
  6. Then step back into Low Lunge with the opposite leg, and repeat on the other side.
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