[Weekly Workout] Rejuvenating Yoga for a Rainy Day

Take a “time-out” for yourself with this gentle and rejuvenating yoga class…

I was feeling a little tired and lazy today, so we’re taking a quick break from our Chakra yoga series for a relaxing, grounding, and rejuvenating yoga class that’s perfect for a rainy day, a slow Sunday afternoon, or just anytime you’re feeling kind of down or low-energy. This gentle sequence will help to warm up your body and open your heart with some slow, releasing and relaxing stretches. It’s great for a little “time-out” when you need some “me time”!

Listen to your body and do what feels good, and concentrate on your breath and energy flow as you move through this lovely sequence that is designed to give you a little bit of self-care.

Also, I suggest you wear something loose and comfortable that is easy to move in for this class. (You want to get rid of all your worries and cares, so you definitely shouldn’t have to think about where your clothes are binding or constricting your movements.)



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