[Weekly Workout] Therapeutic Yoga Practice for Hips & Sacrum

Relieve hip and back pain naturally with this therapeutic yoga practice…

As we discussed on Monday, yoga is becoming recognized as a legitimate therapeutic treatment for a wide range of diseases and disorders. Yoga can be beneficial for everything from mental issues such as anxiety and depression, to rehabilitation from injury or chronic pain conditions. Be sure to consult with a doctor as well as an experienced yoga therapy instructor before adding yoga to your treatment plan.

The therapeutic yoga practice below may be helpful for those experiencing hip, sacral, or back pain. These gentle movements will help to stretch and strengthen the muscles supporting your hip and sacrum, relieving pain and tension in these areas, which may also help to relieve related back pain which is often connected to dysfunction in the hips and pelvis. (This class is not suitable for those with acute injury. Please consult your doctor to be sure yoga is suitable for you before attempting this session.)


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